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My New Book Apostolate

In 2016 I published a collection of sermons I gave during the previous year’s Girls Camp. This collection of sermons was later expanded as my first book, The Nail of Jahel. That year I also started to publish books which were printed and sold by St. Jerome Homeschool Library, later called St. Jerome Library Press. My first book sold by SJL was the improved second edition of The Nail of Jahel in 2017, and I also published several other titles with them, including a story collection called The Cold Heart. At the start of the Oblates of the Holy Face, the profits from my book sales went to support them.

The collaboration between SJL and I ended in 2022. To support the fundraiser of the Oblates of the Holy Face, I am now starting my own book publishing apostolate named Vicuna Books. The name comes from the alpaca-type animal which lives in South America, and from heroic Chilean martyr-girl Laura Vicuña, whose biography I published in 2018.

The first book under the Vicuna Books label will be the memoirs of Fr. Thomas Ojeka, who was ordained at St. Gertrude the Great last year. The title of his book is “My Treasured Mistake,” which refers to the moment he left the religious congregation Servants of Charity to begin his studies for the real priesthood under Fr. Nkamuke. This departure was called by his friends a grave mistake, but he thought, “if it is a mistake, then I would like to commit it over and over again.”

Since my own book apostolate is only in its beginning, the book will be published in print-on-demand basis. It will be available after Lent starts. You can check the updates about the project on my website.

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